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All Software Products Discontinued

We are sorry to announce that we are, officially, no longer supporting any NeXTStep/OpenStep based products. To that end, we are trying not to sell any of the these products and have mothballed all of our equipment for selling and supporting these products.

However, if you are in a " Must Have" situation, it may be possible to purchase additional licenses. In order to generate new license keys to faciliate a sale, we need to retrieve a lot of old equipment that is currently in storage, get it running, and determine if our internal licensing software still works. As a result of the unreliable system recovery requirements and the amount of work required, we reserve the right to refuse to continue selling or licensing our discontinued software at any time and without reason.

If we decide to sell additional licenses, we have a new pricing policy that reflects the amount of work necessary to continue to sell the products. Please remember, the products are officially no longer supported, so this sale is "as is', as described in the license agreement of each product and comes with NO support whatsoever.

The following List Prices are a guideline for our current pricing, if we are willing and able to sell additional licenses.

List Prices

List Prices for End Users as of August 1, 2000

One Floating License for OTPalettes

$  500
$  800

Single Machine License for a Kit
(a license is required per each machine that has access to the library)


One Floating License for Applications

$  800

Handling Fees

A fixed handling fee is added to each and every order. This handling fee mitages the cost of the time and resources to attempt to restore the machines and software necesarry to continue licensing.

Handling Fee: $2,100

Minimum Order Size

To justify the time and effort necessary to continue licensing, there is a minumum order size required, assessed before additional handling fees, tax or tariff.

Minimum Order: $5,000

Site Licensing

If this price schedule does not fit your needs, please contact us and ask about our site licensing opportunities.

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