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Developers Corner has been set aside for us to leave little tidbits of knowledge and wisdom un-related to specific support and development questions regarding our products and services.

Below you will find various documents and examples which may answer specific questions when doing development under MacOSX with Cocoa and WO5.0 all the way back to NS3.3 on a cube. There is also a new section on Java development. Don't hesitate to contact Eric Bergerson with any questions you may have regarding content you find here.

NOTE: OTI does not warrant, guarantee, or otherwise assume any responsibility or accountability for any loss, corruption or damage caused by any of the software or suggestions mentioned or available on this page. If something bad happens as a result of using this software, it's your own fault for using it. Please report any problems to


Discover useful little codicons for communicating that little something to a peer.

OTI Examples & Suggestions

  1. Java
    1. Threads
      1. Multi-Threaded Sorting Algorithm Example
  2. MacOSX
    1. Cocoa
      1. Emacs like key bindings
  3. OpenStep
    1. Foundation
      1. Finding the range of a line in an NSString
    2. NT vs. Mach Differences
      1. Problems with "extern" variables on NT (answer from
      2. NSViews during NSDraggingDestination updates don't redisplay properly on NT

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